BABY MASSAGE – Evening seminar / workshop for nannies / matertniy nurses

Intro­duc­tion to baby mas­sa­ge for mate­r­ni­ty nan­nies in pri­va­te households

In this three-hour evening semi­nar, you will learn the basics for a suc­cessful baby massage.
Stu­dies show that babies who are mas­sa­ged regu­lar­ly cry less, sleep bet­ter, and gain weight. Mas­sa­ge helps babies beco­me awa­re of their bodies and sti­mu­la­tes neu­ro­lo­gi­cal deve­lo­p­ment. In addi­ti­on, the inten­si­ve time that par­ents con­scious­ly devo­te to their child­ren during the mas­sa­ge streng­thens the parent-child bond and helps them to get to know their babies bet­ter and to cor­rect­ly assess their beha­vi­or. This in turn helps to make ever­y­day fami­ly life more relaxed.

Cour­se content

  • Theo­re­ti­cal intro­duc­tion to the ori­gin and deve­lo­p­ment of baby massage

  • Wek­che posi­ti­ve effects on men­tal and phy­si­cal well-being arise
  • Prac­ti­cal prac­ti­ce of mas­sa­ge grips on dolls
  • How do I crea­te a plea­sant mas­sa­ge envi­ron­ment for the baby
  • Ins­truc­tions on how to pass on what you have lear­ned to parents
Lec­tu­rer: Wieb­ke Mechau
Lec­tu­rer: Wieb­ke Mechau

Wieb­ke Mechau is a trai­ned tea­cher. During her stu­dies she took care of mothers in the puer­peral peri­od as a dome­stic help. Sin­ce 1995 employ­ed full-time as Mate­r­ni­ty Nan­ny in pri­va­te house­holds. In addi­ti­on, she com­ple­ted a three-year anthro­po­so­phi­cal­ly ori­en­ted extra-occu­pa­tio­nal trai­ning in the field of art the­ra­py, psy­cho­lo­gy and holi­stic medi­ci­ne. With this she work­ed from 2001–2004 in a pri­va­te school for edu­ca­tio­nal assis­tance with autis­tic child­ren. Trai­ning as a Mate­r­ni­ty Prac­ti­tio­ner at the MNT Insti­tu­te in the UK. Lec­tu­rer for baby mas­sa­ge. Mem­ber of the Post­na­tal Sup­port Net­work and Pro Dou­la USA. Cer­ti­fied Post Par­tum Doula.

Many fami­lies sup­port their nan­ny in their desi­re for more edu­ca­ti­on. They pay for part or all of the cour­se and give her time off in order to be able to attend. If you would like to attend a semi­nar and are not sure how to pay for the fee, we will find a solu­ti­on. Just give us a call.

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