Location of N4YK Nanny Academy

The N4YK Aca­de­my is loca­ted in Tutz­ing at the beau­tiful Lake Starn­berg in Bavaria

The Aca­de­my is loca­ted in Tutz­ing on Lake Starn­berg and is part of the N4YK agen­cy. Tutz­ing is loca­ted about 30 km south of Munich on the beau­tiful wes­tern shore of Lake Starn­berg. From Munich main sta­ti­on you can reach Tutz­ing eit­her by the S‑Bahn (line S6) or by the regio­nal train in the direc­tion of Gar­misch or Kochel. The semi­nar cen­ter is loca­ted in the new Four­si­tes office buil­ding direct­ly oppo­si­te the Tutz­in­ger train sta­ti­on. For arri­ving by car you have free par­king in the area or in the under­ground car park belon­ging to Four­si­tes office building.

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