Chiffre 4532: organized english native speaking manny free in Hamburg

english native speaking nanny wanted in fulltime position

compassionate manny free
for new position

“Loo­king back on my 6 years of expe­ri­ence working with child­ren and stu­dy­ing Ear­ly Child­hood Edu­ca­ti­on, it makes sen­se to me that I try to make a care­er out of it. I have a natu­ral dis­po­si­ti­on towards kind­ness and nur­tu­ring tho­se around me. In every inter­ac­tion, I sen­se the­re is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to both learn and teach, if only we can be awa­re and pre­sent in that moment.

I stu­di­ed Ear­ly Child­hood Edu­ca­ti­on for 4 years at Dia­blo Val­ley Col­lege, in Cali­for­nia, whe­re I am from. I was then taken under the wing of a Pro­fes­sor who recom­men­ded me to the direc­tor of a Reg­gio Emi­lia pre­school, Buil­ding Blocks Children’s Cen­ter, whe­re I would later work as a Pre­school teacher.

I have also tra­ve­led and vol­un­tee­red through work­a­way, working with child­ren in India and throug­hout various count­ries in South Ame­ri­ca. From my tra­vels, see­ing how dif­fe­rent cul­tures rai­se their child­ren, it is clear to me how important pati­ence and for­gi­ve­ness is. Fur­ther­mo­re, how important it is for a care­gi­ver to nur­tu­re a young one’s auto­no­my as well as crea­ti­vi­ty. How a sen­se of com­mu­ni­ty can offer a sen­se of safety, trust and warmth.

When I am home Cali­for­nia, in bet­ween tra­ve­ling, I work­ed for as a pri­va­te house­hold with a daugh­ter at the age of .  I have known prac­ti­cal­ly sin­ce she was born. It has been a joy to watch her grow over the past 4 years. My main duties con­sist of house­work such as coo­king, clea­ning laun­dry, gro­cery shop­ping, and of cour­se caring for and offe­ring lear­ning oppor­tu­ni­ties to Mila.

I have a calm, kind and posi­tively-ener­ge­tic deme­an­or. I am natu­ral­ly playful  and empa­the­tic. In addi­ti­on to child­ca­re, 6 years of expe­ri­ence in the field of gas­tro­no­my has cemen­ted in habits of orga­niza­ti­on, self suf­fi­ci­en­cy and cle­an­li­ne­ss. I belie­ve that it is up to a care­gi­ver to vali­da­te each moment and emo­ti­on with a child, mee­ting them whe­re they are at and try­ing to under­stand the root of any situa­ti­on. Fur­ther­mo­re, it is important to offer struc­tu­re and lear­ning oppor­tu­ni­ties in crea­ti­ve ways to keep things fresh and interesting.

I would be app­re­cia­ti­ve and gra­teful if the fami­ly would be open to help gui­de me through the visa pro­cess. I look for­ward to making a con­nec­tion and intro­du­cing mys­elf to you and your family.“

Ear­ly Child­hood Edu­ca­ti­on / Pre­school teacher
relia­ble and organzied
6 years of expe­ri­ence in child care
secu­re driver
eng­lish nati­ve speaker
US citi­zen
to start im mid april

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