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N4YK aca­de­my – trai­ning for fami­ly staff

Become a nanny now. Time for change.

SWITCH NOW! Beco­me a nan­ny. Becau­se you deser­ve it.

Many nur­s­e­ry tea­chers, pediatric nur­ses, ele­men­ta­ry school tea­chers and others working with child­ren in edu­ca­tio­nal pro­fes­si­ons, know too litt­le about the pro­fes­si­on of the nan­ny and the oppor­tu­nities the this job offers. House­hold child­ca­re is a real alter­na­ti­ve to be hap­py in your job again.
This webi­nar is meant for reco­gni­zing new job pro­spects for peop­le from edu­ca­tio­nal or nur­sing pro­fes­si­ons. Think about cha­ning into a pri­va­te house­hold now.

Why working with child­ren in a pri­va­te house­hold can ful­fill you:
  • Working con­di­ti­ons in the fami­ly envi­ron­ment are more plea­sant and the work with the child is more inten­si­ve than in edu­ca­tio­nal institutions.
  • You have more chan­ce of being able to influ­ence the deve­lo­p­ment and edu­ca­ti­on of small peop­le through attach­ment – as it cor­re­sponds to the pas­si­on of educators.
  • You get the chan­ce of a diver­si­fied work environment.
  • You get the chan­ce for tra­vel accompaniment.
  • Bett erear­ning potential.
  • It can make you hap­pier overall.
Semi­nar details
  • Nan­ny / Mater­ni­ty Nur­se / Fami­ly­ma­na­ger / Housekeeper

  • Frame con­di­ti­ons

  • Working hours

  • Working in a team

  • Requi­re­ments; qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on, expe­ri­ence, personality

  • The role of the N4YK agency

  • Con­sul­ta­ti­on / Coaching

  • Pla­ce­ment

  • Fur­ther edu­ca­ti­on; semi­nars, workshops

Rea­sons for swit­ching in a pri­va­te household
  • To get gre­at jobs offe­red, that others have no access to.

  • To be hap­py and satis­fied in your job.

  • To be inter­na­tio­nal / tra­vel world wide

  • To beco­me a high pro­fi­le nan­ny in upper pri­va­te households.

  • To find a fami­ly who wor­s­hips you.

  • To get paid well.

  • To get a long­term position.

Avail­ab­le at any time after your registration.

Plea­se wri­te us a short mail to and we will then send you a link. You are free to deci­de when and whe­re you want to watch our webinar.

Through this online semi­nar we find out whe­ther you have the poten­ti­al to be inclu­ded in our app­li­cant pool. Then you would have a good chan­ce of being pla­ced in a pri­va­te house­hold by us as a nanny.

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